Customer – trust through long-term cooperation

Our customers are both large and small wood-consuming companies who may use one or more of our services.

Our first job is to create added value for our customers, whether we help procure a single lot of timber or supply services through our procurement and logistics function. To us, it is always a matter of efficient and well-documented processes and hence peace of mind for our customers. 

The elements of cooperation include:

  • In-depth, international and current market knowledge
  • Documentation of price formation and cost accounting factors
  • Financing and managing raw material stocks
  • Economic and price forecasts
  • Risk assessment of raw material stocks and price trends
  • Security of supply adapted to the customer's production scheme
  • Technological innovation in streamlining of procurement and logistics
  • Setting cooperation milestones to ensure constant streamlining of the supply chain
  • Providing company owners and supervisory boards with objective documentation for the argumentation of the contents of price agreements made
  • Working according to LEAN principles to ensure savings

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