About HD Silva

HD Silva procures round timber and wood chips on behalf of international wood industries.

HD Silva is domiciled in Trittau between Lübeck and Hamburg in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein. A total of 12-15 employees work to supply wood resources to our customers. The company provides all logistics for this.


The head office of Hedeselskabet in Viborg, Denmark.

HD Silva, with the legal name Heidegesellschaft, Forstprodukte und -geräte GmbH, was founded in 1989 and is a 100%-owned subsidiary of HedeDanmark. HedeDanmark a/s is an international landscape construction, trade and service company in the green area and has grown into Denmark's largest and leading supplier of care and maintenance services for the forests, open areas, gardens, parks as well as open spaces in cities. HedeDanmark are a part of Hedeselskabet, which since 1866 has worked with forestry and landscape management and provision and research in natural resources in Denmark and abroad.