Photo measurement

Time saving and documentation in the case of site measurement of timber.

HD Silva and the parent company HedeDanmark have over 20 years of experience in the case of photo measurement of round wood.

Through continuous development and constant adaptation to new hardware, it has evolved into a powerful and precise measurement method that is becoming increasingly important in the state, private and communal forest sector.

NEW: Digital photo measurements using LogStackPro

LogStackPro is our new, hand-held, certified measuring device, that has been specially developed for digital photo measurements of raw wood stacks in the forest.

In the case of the current version,

In the case of the current version, a smartphone or tablet is used as an input device and even as camera. The timber stack data is recorded with the help of an app, over which the photos are taken and the GPS coordinates concomitantly determined. The data is thereafter sent directly to our server for evaluation.

The results are then forwarded to you in a clearly arranged manner either as a PDF file, in an Excel or .xml format for further processing and are moreover also archived by us for five years on our server. The timber stacks are clearly displayed on maps (Google Maps), via a secured Internet access. All pictures and data can also be directly opened over the map display by means of a link.

Photo measurement objectively determines the following parameters:

  • Wood content (stacked cubic meter and / or cubic metres)
  • Diameter distribution of the lot
  • Number
  • Quality of the wood (discoloration and rot)
  • Storage location of the wood (GPS coordinates)
  • Conditions for removal

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