Heidegesellschaft is changing its name to HD Silva

In order to strengthen the connection with the Danish parent company, Heidegesellschaft changes its market name to HD Silva from 11 April 2018.

The change of the market name Heidegesellschaft: Forstprodukte und -geräte GmbH to HD Silva on 11 April is a natural consequence of the company's growing internationalization. At the same time, the new name also strengthens the connection with the parent company HedeDanmark a/s. The name change, however, does not mean structural changes and will not have any consequences for the company's customers.

"After 25 years of success in the German market, Heidegesellschaft has turned its eyes more and more out towards a larger, international market. Of course, our name must reflect that to avoid language barriers. The new name emphasizes our connection to HedeDanmark. In addition, the name change is a part of an overall branding strategy for HedeDanmark's activities in Denmark and internationally," says Niels-Jørgen Pedersen, Head of Department.

Heidegesellschaft's department for sale of Christmas tree production equipment has for several years been named HD 2412, and Heidegesellschaft is the last of HedeDanmark's subsidiaries to introduce "HD" in their market name to reflect the connection with the parent company. Heidegesellschaft will continue to be 100 percent owned by HedeDanmark a/s under the new name HD Silva.

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