Supplier – peace of mind, safety and liquidity

With a purchaser portfolio of more than 100 customers to more than 10 countries, we have the possibility of optimising any logging to the financial advantage of the forest owner.

Our market knowledge ensures the correct market price for our suppliers and consequently the forest owner. Unit prices may not be the highest of all but we offer the best possible payment security as well as reliability of agreements made!

We pay our round timber suppliers immediately after takeover in the forest. This means that the supplier:

  • has liquidity available immediately after forwarding
  • does not have any risk of monetary conversion factors at the time of delivery to the industry

Heidegesellschaft, Forstprodukte und -geräte GmbH is rated 1A by the credit rating agency Dun & Bradstreet, which signals the highest payment security. 

Security of payment and security of settled quantity – always.


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