HD Silva – Heidegesellschaft (former market name) and the parent company HedeDanmark have over 15 years of experience in the case of photo measurement of round wood.

Through continuous development and constant adaptation to new hardware, it has evolved into a powerful and precise measurement method that is becoming increasingly important in the state, private and communal forest sector.


» For several years Hessen-Forst has worked successfully and efficiently together with Heidegesellschaft as service provider of photo Measurement. Based on photo measurement it has become possible to generate a standardised control measure for the entire operation. The time savings compared to the normal measurement, the cost reductions that are thereby achieved and the documentation of quality and quantity, are just a few of the advantages of this measurement method. «
- Landesbetrieb Hessen-Forst, Kassel

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» We have been able to significantly simplify our plywood measurement (softwood and hardwood as well as firewood) and have in the case of the daily business of the forester recorded a clear gain in efficiency. The presented innovative approach with regard to calibration, Android compatibility and use of your system for GPS-based timber stack administration will on its part enable further efficiency improvements in the forest management sector. «
- Gräflich Nesselrodsche Verwaltung, Ruppichteroth​


»On account of the fact that we were hit hard, by the storm Niklas, in late March, photo measurement has since then been a source of very great relief, with regard to the recording of the timber. It has namely been possible to record large quantities of wood, easily and fairly accurately. «
- Landeshauptstadt München​

»…through the use of photo measurement in the municipal forest Gießen, it has been possible to significantly reduce the time spent in-house, for the recording of wood, with a concomitant enhancement of the degree of accuracy, compared with the hitherto conventional recording method. The employees of Heidegesellschaft have been able to ensure the efficient implementation of the method. The transmitted data is evaluated with confidentiality and quickly. The customer service works in an exemplary manner. «
- Stadtwald Gießen

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