Danish Hardwood is now part of HD Silva

We are pleased to inform you that as of  January 1st 2023 Danish Hardwood is part of HedeDanmark Group. 

All former employees at Danish Hardwood is joining HedeDanmark’s large organization and will be part ofthe hardwood export division, HD Silva. 

HedeDanmark is one of Denmark's largest log producers, and the acquisition of Danish Hardwood will significantly strengthen HedeDanmark's competitiveness.

“We have had a very good working relationship with Danish Hardwood for a long time supplying them logs. We are very pleased that we have been given the opportunity to take over the company. In this way we are strengthening our log business with the direct sales channel to the Far East,” says Steen Vincens Riber, director of the forest division of HedeDanmark a/s.

Danish Hardwood Managing Director Jens Schou Hansen has been part of the company since 1984 and, together with all the remaining employees, is moving to HedeDanmark's premises in Sorø, which is less than 15 kilometers from the current location in Ugerløse.

“HedeDanmark has been one of our closest business partners for a number of years, so it is not an unknown company that we now belong to. The merger between the two companies makes a lot of sense, not least in the competitive market in which we operate. I look forward to continuing our business in the Far East and expanding the market in Europe together with the new forces that are now joining”, says Jens Schou Hansen.


Our business is Hardwood. We deal in logs, lumber, dimension stock and semi finished products for the international manufacturing industry.  

Danish Hardwood has a large supplier network not only in Europe but throughout the world. We service clients all over the world with reliability, flexibility and stability being the essence of our service. 

We deliver the majority of our shipments by road and sea to the UK and Scandinavian markets, and by container to the export markets worldwide.  


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History & Identity 


We are your European hardwood specialists. We deal in logs, lumber, dimension stock and semi-finished products for the international manufacturing industry. We service clients with timely deliveries of wood all over the world, with reliability, flexibility and stability being the three key elements of our service, as well as our product. 

Our business has thrived as a result of our reliability, not just in delivering the product the buyer needs, but also in our commitment to those that supply to us also. If your business is depending on an accurate and safe supply of hardwoods, then rely on us. Our commitment to our clients ends not at time of delivery, but is followed all the way through the process to ensure we get repeat orders. Our business has grown through ‘word of mouth’ and not by promotions or advertising. 


Our local staff purchase and inspect logs and lumber on our behalf, and supervise the production in the sawmills. As a result, we will, faster than any others, do our utmost to find or produce the materials that your company needs. 


In this business, size matters. Thusly, we have the logistics and capacity to steer through times of high demand and poor demand, yet keep our commitments. In the end there is no one better suited for the responsibility of being the supplier for your business than HedeDanmark. 


We have been certified in accordance with the requirements of Forest Steward Council A.C. and is licensed to use the FSC® Logo and sell as FSC certified. 


We are supplying the manufacturing industries of the world with raw materials. 

Our speciality is the delivery of European hardwoods, where we supply everything from logs to mouldings. 

Specially selected to suit individual clients demands, we supply every conceivable grade, specification and species mix of European Hardwood logs. 
These include, but are not limited to: 
Beech: Veneer grade - peeling grade - a number of sawing grades 
Oak: Sawing grade - beam grade - pippy/burr grade 
Ash: A number of sawing grades 
Elm: Plain logs, or burr grade logs, in various sawing qualities 
Cherry: Veneer grade - sawing grade 
Maple/sycamore: Veneer grade - sawing grade 
Red oak: A number of sawing grades 
Hornbeam: Sawing grade 
Poplar: Sawing and peeling grades 
Pine/Spruce: Sawing/construction grades 

We can tailor specifications – in particular lengths – and grade mixes to suit individual client demands. Shipments are normally made via lorry (within Europe) or 40’ containers for our ‘long haul’ clients. 


We produce too many specifications to list here – please contact us with your specific requirements – but key products are : 
Beech: Steamed and kiln dried - unsteamed and kiln dried - “snow white”, unsteamed and vacuum kiln dried 
Available in most thickness from 18 mm up to 100 mm 
Unedged - 1 side edged - 2 sides square edged 

Oak and Ash: Boules, air dried and kiln dried - beams and large squares 
Available in most thickness from 18 mm up to 100 mm 

Cherry: Steamed and kiln dried - unsteamed and kiln dried 
Available in most thickness from 18 mm up to 50 mm 
Unedged and square edged 

Maple/sycamore : Standard kiln dried - “snow white” vacuum kiln dried 
Available in 18 mm up to 50 mm thickness 
Unedged and square edged 

Birch: Fresh sawn, air dried or kiln dried 
Available in 18 mm up to 45 mm 
Square edged 


Cut to size after kilning, we produce dimensions for the flooring, kitchen and furniture manufacturers. 

Specifications go from 25 mm x 25 mm x 200 mm up through 100 mm x 100 mm x 2,00 mtr – again, please send us your demands to enable us to quote most competitively. 

The material can be supplied rough sawn or planed/surfaced. 

We produce and stock beech (steamed and unsteamed) - oak - ash - cherry - walnut - maple (sycamore) - ash - birch - hornbeam in dimension form. 

Our most common specifications are : 

For flooring:                26 mm x 76 mm-100 mm (fixed) x 300 mm and longer 

For tabletops:      38 mm and/or 51 mm x 51 mm x 300 mm and longer 


We serve a number of clients in each of the following markets : 

Scandinavia: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Greenland, Iceland 

United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales 

Mediterranean: Portugal, Spain 

Near Asia: Türkiye, India, Bangladesh 

Asia: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia 

Africa and Middle East: Dubai, South Africa 

United States: West Coast, New York, Gulf States of Texas and Louisiana 

We are always keen to expand our business in existing markets, and also to meet the challenges of new clients in new markets. 

Our dedicated freight and logistics staff ensure we are able to quote promptly and efficiently to all destinations 

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