Our German employees have the highest scores in internal satisfaction surveys. This commitment influences our relationship with customers and suppliers.

Highly committed employees create excellent relations:

  • “… we greatly value Heidegesellschaft‘s reliability. Professional handling and trustful cooperation provide the integrity and trustworthy image that has always been the hallmarks of the company ...”Hinrich Bärwald, Dipl. Forstwirt (UNI)[BSc in Forestry], Managing Director of the Forstliche Vereinigung Mecklenburg-Vorpommern [Forestry Association of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern] (
  • “… the cooperation between our colleagues at HedeDanmark and the employees of Heidegesellschaft is characterised by openness and trust. For me, this reinforces the sense of responsibility towards customers and suppliers, and towards the company itself. It has also increased my own commitment to provide a professional service for suppliers and customers ...” Carsten Boedicker, Heidegesellschaft

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