We are currently working closely with PTB - The National Metrology Institute of Germany in Braunschweig PTB on conformity assessment procedures (proof of conformity).

Upon completion of the process, nothing will stand in the way of the recognition thereof, within the context of the framework agreement for trade in wood in Germany (RVR).

The possibilities of photo measurement are v

The possibilities of photo measurement are varied, it particularly in the case of forest management collectives, provides for a very simple accounting with each of the individual forest owners that is quick and accurate. An assignment of works quantities can be assigned to the individual forest owners on a diameter classification basis.

In addition to the use in the forest, the method also allows for the precise determination of works depots for accounting purposes, the procurement of expert opinions in the case of legal disputes and a strength class specific, wood delivery for large sawmills.We are convinced that the photo measurement will establish itself as a third method alongside with the very elaborate and imprecise sectional measure and the works measurement, not least on account of the fact that it is very transparent for all stakeholders and moreover also documents the quality and quantity at the time of the hand over. 

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