Advantages of HD photo measurement

Photo measurement objectively determines the following parameters:

  • Trust through a partner with years of experience
  • Quantity determination through a reputable, independent company
  • Large time gain compared to normal measurement in the forest
  • Documentation for later complaints
  • Comprehensive data parameters: stacked cubic metre, solid cubic metre, quantity, diameter, thickness class distribution, coordinates…
  • High degree of accuracy by manually analysing and controlling the images
  • No limitation with regard to tree species and assortments
  • Costs only for the wood that has actually been measured
  • Low investment: you only need a suitable smartphone (Android) and specific levelling staff
  • Data security: data is treated confidentially and archived for 5 years
  • Procurement of the opinion of external experts, for example, also in the case of the determination of firewood timber stacks for small scale customers

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