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Stock management – we control and finance the timber stock

Our vision is that raw material stocks do not belong to the production company but to the supplier.

Our customers' liquidity should not be strained by raw material stocks. Instead, liquidity should be put into incentives and promotional measures. This would improve the competitiveness of our customers and thus strengthen timber sales.

To this must be added effective interest savings in the value chain when logging and log forwarding are adapted to the industry's needs. This also gives the forest owner a financial gain as it increases the value of the wood.

An example:
If savings of 5% are possible on a raw material stock of 50,000 m3 at a value of €50/m3, it corresponds to interest savings of €125,000 – every year!

HedeDanmark continues to have a positive financial growth. Together with the history of our institution and its recognition in Danish society, this creates a unique position for us when we are negotiating loans with our banks. Indirectly, we are thus able to finance our customers' raw material stocks abroad on favourable terms through Danish banks.

We can offer:

  • Stock financing
  • Stock management
  • Stock overview
  • Own buffer stock at the company's own premises
Contact us
Head of department
Niels-Jørgen Pedersen
+45 40 21 13 77

Logistics manager
Allan Sloth
+45 40 34 91 66
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